Tips for Making the Most of Your Mother of the Bride Shopping Experience Mobile Image

Tips for Making the Most of Your Mother of the Bride Shopping Experience

September 02, 2021

Your daughter’s wedding is a big day—you’re witnessing the beginning of your daughter establishing her own family, and you get to celebrate the fact that she’s found someone to spend the rest of her life with. For a joyful day like this, you want to wear something beautiful that reflects your own excitement at her marriage. Shopping for a dress this important can be stressful, but we’re sharing our best tips for making the most of your shopping experience. 

Talk to Your Daughter


It’s possible the bride may have preferences for what you wear! Perhaps she has a certain color in mind, or wants you to wear a certain neckline or detail, like a boho look. If the bride has any opinions on what you should wear to fit her wedding day’s aesthetic, you’ll want to know before you go shopping! It could help you narrow down your search while shopping. 

Bring Friends


If you’re stressed, bring friends! You can always bring your daughter to help you find the perfect dress, but if she lives far away or can’t make it, bring your best friend or a few girlfriends and make a day of it. Find somewhere near the boutique to get lunch before or after your appointment, making the day a fun event. Plus, having friends there will help you feel more confident in your decision. 

Get Inspired


If you’re not sure what kind of dress you’re looking for, get inspired before your appointment! Look on Pinterest, in magazines, or even at our Instagram account to get inspired by real moms and stunning designer dresses. Take note of what you’re liking, whether it’s shimmering beading or gorgeous, sultry silhouettes, if you show your consultant a few dresses you like she’ll be able to help you browse the boutique’s selection of dresses for styles you’ll like! 

Take Cues from the Bridal Party


If you’re unsure what color to wear, take a look at the bridal party. You’ll want to wear something different that still goes well with the color palette, so that in pictures you don’t clash or stand out. Choose a color that complements the bridesmaids well—we’ve written a blog on this topic before, which you can find here

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