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What Color Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?

August 18, 2021

Your daughter’s wedding is a big day—you’ve likely thought of your daughter’s wedding day many times over the years, so you want to wear something that conveys the joy you feel at your daughter’s wedding. One of the most common thoughts we find moms asking is: what color should I wear? You want something that complements your skin tone as well as the bridal party (unless, of course, the bride wants you to match the bridal party exactly). Find a color that suits the bridal party can be tough—so we’re suggesting a few options based on the most popular bridesmaid dress colors. 


Light Blue

220D21 by Ivonne D



If your daughter opted for light blue bridesmaid dresses, a deep navy will pair perfectly. The monotone color scheme ensures you’ll look nice next to the bridal party in pictures, but will still stand out with your own sophisticated, deep blue. As a bonus, navy looks amazing on everyone!


Not too keen on navy? Here are some other colors that will look great with light blue: champagne, dusty rose, silver, and taupe. 


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Brides who choose pink—whether light or bright—often do so for the timeless, romantic, girly look of the color. Our favorite pairing to meet that tone? Red! It’s essentially a more grown up pink, perfect for the Mother of the Bride, and gives you a bold statement that will pair perfectly with the rest of the bridal party. 


Don’t want to wear a bold red? We also love deep green, black, gold, and charcoal grey with pink shades. 

Deep Green

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A trendy, popular shade for bridesmaids dresses, deep green is a classic color that looks amazing year-round. With a statement color like this, a neutral with delicate details pairs beautifully. You can opt for a more warm- or neutral-toned dress depending on the undertones of the green to really suit the overall color scheme. 


Prefer something with a touch more color? No worries! Deep rose, dusty blue, deep purple, burnt orange, and even a lighter shade of green will look stunning next to deep green. 


LV22101 by La Valleta



If your daughter chose peach, she’s probably a fan of color—so a complementary cornflower blue will really pop against the bridesmaids, and add to the bright, fun tone of her wedding. Especially if the wedding is in spring, this light blue will look amazing throughout the wedding day and for years to come in photos. 


Unsure about light blue? Why not try a deep tan, pastel yellow, chocolate brown, or champagne!


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A neutral bridal party likely means your daughter wants things subdued and classic for her wedding, so choosing another neutral for your dress will make her wedding vision come to life, and easily look flawless with the bridal party. Delicate beadwork and lace can give your dress even more detail to make you stand out from the bridesmaids!


Neutral too boring for you? Well—that’s the beauty of a neutral bridal party! Anything goes, and any color you choose will look incredible.