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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy a Mon Cheri dress direct?

Mon Cheri Bridals does not sell directly to the public. Our dress collections can only be purchased from authorized Mon Cheri retailers.


Why should I buy from a retailer if a Mon Cheri dress is for sale on the internet? 

This is a common dilemma for many customers. Mon Cheri is not associated with any Internet selling service and only distributes through authorized retailers. Therefore, if you choose to buy a dress that is solely advertised on the Internet with no association to a brick-and-mortar retail location, there is a strong possibility that you may not receive an authentic Mon Cheri dress. For example, the dress could be a copy that does not possess the same exceptional quality, craftsmanship and style an authentic Mon Cheri dress encompasses. If a problem should arise with a dress bought on the Internet, Mon Cheri Bridals, LLC will not stand behind it. If purchased on the Internet, Mon Cheri will not make alterations, corrections or changes to your dress. You will also not be able to return any dress bought on the Internet. In order to ensure that you receive an authentic, quality Mon Cheri dress, it is highly suggested that you only purchase from an authorized Mon Cheri retailer. Mon Cheri retailers proudly stand behind their merchandise and will make certain that you are fully satisfied with the purchase you make.


How much does the average Mon Cheri dress cost?

Mon Cheri Bridals designs and manufactures a complete collection of bridal gowns, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, prom dresses and social occasion dresses. However, these dresses are not directly sold to the public. Our dress collections can only be purchased from authorized Mon Cheri retailers. Since Mon Cheri distributes internationally, pricing structures vary throughout the countries and areas in which our collections are sold. As a result, an approximate price for a Mon Cheri gown or dress cannot be provided. It is suggested that you contact a local authorized Mon Cheri retailer for exact pricing information.


Can I receive a fabric swatch of my dress?

Mon Cheri does not release swatches to anyone other than authorized retailers. You may however request a swatch from the retail store you made your purchase from. If a swatch is not readily available, the store may request one from our Retail Support Center. After the swatch has been received by the store, it will then be forwarded to you.


Which stores sell Mon Cheri dresses?

To find stores near you that carry Mon Cheri products, visit the “Find a Store” page and search by ZIP code, distance and collection.


What is Mon Cheri's return policy?

Since each retail store that carries Mon Cheri product is independently owned and operated, each has its own individual Return Policy and Procedures. Although Mon Cheri Bridals has no authority over these policies and procedures, it is suggested that the store contact our Retail Support Center for assistance with your return.