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The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress for Different Bridal Styles

September 17, 2021

Part of finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress is choosing a gown that fits your daughter’s wedding aesthetic. Finding the right dress for her wedding can be tough, but we’re here to help! If you want something that fits the style of your daughter’s wedding, here are our favorite evening gowns for different weddings:



221681 by Cameron Blake 



Is your daughter a free spirit planning a unique, bohemian wedding? You’ll want to wear something chic yet laid-back, which is precisely what we love about this Cameron Blake style. The fluttering sleeves create an ethereal look, and the floral-inspired beadwork on the dress will perfectly suit your daughter’s nature-inspired wedding. 


220644 by Cameron Blake 



With a classic, traditional wedding, you want a classic dress that gives you timeless elegance. This gorgeous lace gown from Cameron Blake is perfect: navy blue suits almost every color scheme, and the ¾-length lace illusion sleeves will look impeccable at a traditional wedding. With subtle touches of rhinestones for shimmer, this dress is a complete stand out. 


221D46 by Ivonne D



For more modern, fashion-forward weddings, why not go bold? We’re in love with this deep red, off-the-shoulder puff sleeve gown. The couture style is perfect for the modern, sophisticated wedding, and will make you suit your daughter’s trendy style perfectly while still being age appropriate. 




LV22102 by La Valleta



At outdoor weddings, you want something chic that will still keep you cool, which is what makes this stunning La Valleta dress a perfect choice. The nude fabric is covered in a shimmering pattern that resembles stars. The beadwork will give you a stunning glow all night, while the thin straps and square neckline make the dress great for outdoor weddings. 




221D44 by Ivonne D



With destination weddings, you want something lightweight and easygoing while still looking formal for the wedding. This lightweight, blue evening gown is wrapped and layered to create a gorgeous slit that shows off your legs and keeps you cool. Beading along the dress creates a linear pattern that emphasizes your figure perfectly.